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Missionary Care

Travel both domestically and internationally once partnered with a host pastor or missionary, exhortation and soul care through confidential biblical personal care to missionaries in that particular region.

  • Provide a 2-3 day seminar on topics specific to ministry workers. Mornings are teaching sessions while after involves soul care ministry to include personal ministry, personal prayer, inner healing, marriage ministry, etc.

  • Prophetic prayer and worship nights

  • Interaction with local ministries

  • Provide financial and tangible assistance based on the financial availability of 4 Winds Intl

  • Opportunity for continual care through periodic skype personal ministry sessions


Pastoral Care

  • Inner Healing

  • Confidential Biblical Counsel

  • Personal Marriage Ministry

  • Team Building for Leadership Team



  • Provide personal ministry for missionaries

  • Partner and work with other pastors to missionaries and related ministries

  • Speakers at retreats, conference, etc

  • Assistance to leaders and ministry workers


Future Endeavors

  • Retreat Center

  • Retreats

  • Conferences

  • Train, equip, and release missionaries into the field

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